I am a Creative Director and media designer with more than a decade long track record of creating meaningful interactions in both the physical and digital space.

My work spans business and product strategies through the application of cross-platform media and experience design solutions. As an entrepreneur and creative leader, my experience in convergent design disciplines and passion for bringing concepts for the future to the here and now, allow me to push the evolution of technology and interaction design to find new forms of engagement.

(310) 795-1733  |  laura@creatingspace.la


Her work ethic was complemented by her playfulness, vision, and true passion for the content as well as the form. She carries these virtues on into her professional life. I use her thesis project as a model of process, transmedia strategy, and successful engagement with grand strategic goals through a set of excellent choices and inventions superbly executed.
— Brenda Laurel, Graduate MDP Chair, ACCD

Laura brings out the best in people.

Laura inspires you, encourages you and guides you. She really listens to what you have to say and instills confidence in you. She builds you up and is always positive.

She is honest, transparent and open. She was always candid with us and this built up our camaraderie as a team. On a personal level, she was very warm, empathetic and thoughtful. She always knew what to say and how to say it, with genuineness.

The thing I enjoyed most while working under Laura were the brainstorming sessions and casual design discussions by her desk. In this setting we were comfortable to share. These sessions had a positive vibe that promoted exploring and building upon one another’s ideas. In the casual design discussions, I would get insight into her perspectives on things.

Lastly, above all else, Laura always had our best intentions at heart and always had our back. I’ve learned from Laura what a true leader is, she did it effortlessly with the utmost authenticity.

Thanks, Laura, for everything, you rock.
— Edward Kim, UXD Lead, Edmunds.com

I can emphatically say she is one of the best people I’ve ever worked with. She brought an abundance of design knowledge and skill, as well as an engaging enthusiasm to each project we faced. She exudes an authoritative presence but is more than approachable and encourages participation and independence from her team. She is generous with her time, well-connected and always engaged the right people, practices good judgement, and was always the source of clarity and comfort in an often hectic, challenging and ambiguous environment.
— Tara Murphy, Sr. Manager, Operations Digital Media, Edmunds.com

Laura Crawford is one of those rare individuals who doesn’t blink at anything new that comes her way. She embraces “new” with enthusiasm and a playfulness that makes working with her a real joy. It’s hard to work with Laura and not become a fan. Nearly everything I’ve ever worked on with her turned into an unexpected pleasure made of ideas, and expressive enthusiasm. She’s the one to have on any team.
— Jamie Templeton, Technical Director, Maritz Inc.

Talented people are NOT hard to find. Talented people whom you genuinely enjoy working with, day in and day out are a rare, indeed. Laura is one of those rarities. A talent and intellect that make creative problem solving a pleasure, plus a friendly, easy-going nature that make the long hours usually associated with this business seem to fly by.

Moreover, with her understanding of emerging technologies, her grasp of the “super cool” along with her unquenchable curiosity and enthusiasm, Laura is, in my opinion, an asset to any team or organization that needs a creative edge.
— Doug Van Andel, Executive Creative Director, Maritz Inc.